Last week I put on a dress I haven't worn in over 3 years but kept in the back of my closet for a rainy day. 


Cue: rainy day

Cue: that Maroon 5 song (you know, that's been playing all over the radio)


Cue: me twirling around my home like I was in the music video and Adam Levine was telling me that he needed a "girl like me." 


Silly I know but there is nothing I love more than being unapologetically me, dancing around the house

and singing as if I had the pipes of Whitney Houston...

(side note: I don't but with the music up really loud, I'm totally her competition!) 


Recently I've been a bit hard on myself.

I think women do this to themselves more often than not.

So being able to let go and be myself was such a release of all the negativity and stress out there in the world. 


Now Cue: Beautiful You Series


When I came up with this series I wanted to give women the opportunity to feel beautiful.

Let's be honest, we all have those days that we look in the mirror feeling great and then grab our phones and snap a quick selfie. 

Maybe it's the outfit we put on.

Maybe it's that good eyeliner day.

Maybe it's the way our hair is falling just right (and how we wish it would fall like that everyday!) 

But we take that selfie and in fear of seeming narcissistic or self-absorbed we just keep it in our phones. 


I get it though! 

I do the same thing! 

We live in a world that is so harshly criticized. What we wear, where we go, who we're with, what we do and so much more. 



My thoughts?

I think every woman should get in front of a camera at least once a year.

There is something so empowering about feeling beautiful and capturing who we are in this moment of our lives. 

New hair cut?

New career path? 

Newly engaged or married?

New or old dress you just feel perfect in? 


Maybe you're not exactly happy with where you're at in life... but here's the deal...

It doesn't matter if you're not making a million dollars a year. 

It doesn't matter if you're divorced, separated or single.

It doesn't matter if you put on a little more weight. 


None of these things matter.  


What does matter


is that you love yourself in this very moment, no matter where you are! 


Taking these photos of myself felt a bit awkward at first but when I sat down to look at them after, I realized there's a story my photos are telling. 

A story that only I know...

and there's something so magical about that. 



So what story do you want to tell yourself a few years from now?




 30 minutes

1 look 

3 images 



1 hour 

2 looks

6 images 




Bring a friend... Bring 10 friends. 

Bring your friends out and get a discount with each friend you add. We'll do back to back sessions with your friends so you can cheer each other on or make each other laugh! 



Anything you want! 

Dress it up or dress it down or undress yourself. 

Wedding dress


Work attire 

Play attire 

Bathing suit 




Anywhere you want! 

Your home


University of Tampa

A favorite coffee shop

On the beach

By the pool 



This offer will only last until the end of August and session slots are limited. 

Weekday or weekend. 

Whenever you're feeling beautiful! 



What do you want photos for? 

Head shot

Social media profile picture 

Blog post

For fun

New Haircut

New outfit

But really... who needs a reason to want some great photos of themselves? 



A little inspiration and incentive...



I have to admit that a lot of this inspiration came from two beautiful friends! 



My first inspiration came shortly after I visited my friend, Phuong, at the gorgeous new home of 

The Wexford House & Co. 


After playing model to my dear friend and getting set of beautiful eye lashes (as pictured above and below) I decided I would team up with them...

because who doesn't love a good collaboration?

(especially when it comes to making women feel beautiful)


I got Maria, Owner of The Wexford House & Co., to offer a

10% discount on a full set of lashes with Phuong

if you book a session with me! 


The photos above are the natural looking lashes that I wake up with each morning and feel so beautiful with!


My second inspiration came from the talent and genuine passion of my dear friend's business. 


Heather Baird, Certified Health and Life Coach


I've followed Heather with her business from day one. She is absolutely incredible. 

I loved being able to grab some great head shots and more for her website and social media and it made me realize that she ties in perfectly with the BEAUTIFUL YOU series!

Heather is a Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach who specializes in showing busy women how SIMPLE it can be to lose weight, reduce stress, love their bodies and create healthy lifestyles without deprivation, extra hassle, or turning their lives upside down.

She knows that when you FEEL your best, you LOOK your best!

So for those beauties that invest in this photo package,

she is offering

a FREE 30 minute Feel Beautiful Strategy Session!

In this session you will discover what might be slowing you down from feeling your best- and figure out what steps to take to get you on the right track. Whether it’s a dietary change, finding movement you love, or shifting a mindset that’s been holding you back, you will leave this call with a plan of action to start feeling your best NOW.