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Tuesday, June 20, 2017
By Danielle Nicole Photography
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To tell you that the blessing of this baby was long awaited would be the understatement of a lifetime. 


My long time, dear friend, Angela, and her husband, Chad, are the epitome of the perfect couple. Their love has been one that I've enjoyed watching grow from the time they first met. Not only is their marriage one that dreams are made of but it has the strength that could overcome any obstacle thrown their way. And let me tell you... they have fought, side by side, through some of the hardest challenges life has given them.


As they prepare to welcome their baby boy into the world, they hold close to their hearts their first children that now rest easy in the arms of the Lord. 


Showering Baby Liam was a clear sign of just how many people love and adore The Carpenter Family. From joyful, tear-filled eyes, to big smiles and warm embraces, this gathering was everything Angela deserved and more.


Liam James Carpenter, we are so ready for you! 

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