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Sunday, June 04, 2017
By Danielle Nicole Photography
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I've known Janet for quite some time now and watching her journey through life has been so fulfilling and empowering. 


Not only is she an incredibly talented dancer and a beautiful soul but she is a wife and mommy to 3 gorgeous children. Their family is unlike any other and I'm truly blessed to be able to call her a friend. 


I love getting family and friends in front of my camera because I get to create images that truly depict who they are in just a single image. Their passion, their rawness, and their hearts are just a few things that really shine through. Janet did not fall short on those with these images and I'm so glad that I could capture that.


Amongst many other things, Janet is the Managing Director of Artists Unleashed. The company will provide all things dance, scholarships, mentorship and positive reinforcement in addition to hosting workshops, dance intensives with leadership seminars as well as choreography sessions of multiple dance genres.


I cannot wait to see how far this company will go and I'm sure they'll catch me at a few workshops and dance intensives as well! 




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